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For technical enquiries or pricing quotations, during business hours you can reach our team by phone at +44 (0) 1224 707080.

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We provide the specialist maintenance and products to prevent system failure.

While many plants have their own maintenance teams and service equipment, we offer niche expertise when it comes to maintaining and installing all types of HVAC & R equipment.

Petrochemical and processing plants are often exposed to extreme temperatures and elements like sand, wind and heat. Preventing system failure, particularly in warm climates, is critical for health and safety.

Our team appreciates the critical need to maintain operational processes. Whether designing a new system or servicing equipment we can engineer in-depth or a scaled-back solution, depending on budget and application. Upon inspection or maintenance, our Engineers ensure your documentation is compliant with current regulations.

Petrochemical Services

Our engineers have installed a multitude of systems, specialising in hazardous and non-hazardous areas. We update clients on ever-changing industry regulations to ensure HVAC & R systems and equipment comply with governing requirements.

Petrochemical Products

Our explosion and flame-proof temperature control products have been perfected over time to deliver cooling efficiencies in hazardous environments.

Which type of environment does your HVAC equipment operate in?